Hosting tests for your app : what is the best ?

Validation of an application must be done from a test and this must support several aspects namely ergonomics, performance, features. The question is what is the best tool to test an application?

Which approach to consider?

In recent years, the existence of websites that allow to test in a reliable and automatic way the applications have known a very great emergence is among the best application testers. According to the report, 80% of the applications were abandoned a month after their installations due to lack of validation or testing. But this website will be a great asset to fight against the malicious publications of other users who are too often demanding and who do not hesitate to publish negative remarks on the application. Thanks to this site but also with the support of Google you will be able to follow the analytical data. Thanks to the heatmaps of this web site you can locate with much more ease the errors, the unnecessary clicks or out of fields.

Why do this test?

When you want to improve your application is to say improve its operation then you are strongly recommended to do the test before going into production. The website offers several quick and really easy tests on a beta version of the application. This site also contains the necessary elements to record navigation courses. This site allows you to perform simple and very fast application tests. You can also have other improvements that you have made to your application tested on this website. This website also offers several solutions to carry out optimization campaigns for your application. This test will allow you to improve your application and block negative reviews. The goal is to put the user at the center of the process because it is the only essential success factor. This website is therefore a major asset to work iteratively while maintaining a constant interaction and a good relationship with users. It would be better not to deprive oneself of it.

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