PHP UI: What is It and How to Use It

php ui is a php library that allows you to create graphical user interfaces for php scripts. This means that if you are looking for some type of input from the user on your php website or script, then php ui is what you need! In this blog post, we will discuss how to install php-ui and get started using it in your projects.

First things first:

make sure that you have PHP installed on your server as well as composer so we can download the code directly onto our system without having to manually unzip anything. If these are already installed then let's move right along! The next step is installing php ui via Composer which is done by adding one line of text into the terminal (or command prompt if that 's what you use on your machine). php composer.phar require php-ui/php-ui: "dev-master" Next, we have to include the php ui files in our project which is done by adding these lines of text into our code (preferably at the top): php

Now that we have the library installed, let's try and use it in our projects! To begin with, php ui has a class called UI which is where you will create your interface elements for the user to choose from. Let's start off by creating a simple HTML form tag (assuming that this is going into an html file) so that we can test out how php ui works:

The code above creates an input box which asks for some text input from the user. This would be used if you were looking for their name or email address but of course there are many other things you could ask them about too . php ui also has a class called "Table" which is essentially like an HTML table that you can create. This could come in handy

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