TUTORIAL: How to Make a PHP Development Website

If you are looking to create a php development website, this tutorial is perfect for you. This php development website will mainly inform visitors about php and how to create a php development website. The tutorial includes 11 steps with screenshots that help guide the process of creating your php development website.

Steps to create php development website:

- Step 1 - Create the project folder

- Step 2 - Create php files in your website directory

- Step 3 - Make directories for images and style sheets (css) on server

- Step 4 - Add php code, html, css codes into index.php file of your php development website

- Step 5 – Insert header tag with link to CSS stylesheet in PHP Development Website template HTML file. This will allow you to access the CSS Style Sheet from within .php page directly without opening a new browser window or tab. You can also add other meta tags inside this single line of code such as description, keywords etc... Also use php php development website tutorial to add meta tags in php.

- Step 6 -  Insert php php development website code into all the files that require it (you can copy and paste this from index.php file). The most common requirement is adding PHP functions such as echo, include or other php methods for your php tutorials here also place javascript files here if you need them for a special menu effect etc...

- Step 7 - Create links on each page of your website so visitors can navigate easily between pages using hyperlinks. You do not want users having to remember the address of every single webpage if they wish to return later unless there’s some kind of internal search engine within your site which could help with navigation issues.

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