Which programming language to learn to create a video game?

Creating a video game is the dream of many developers. There are many programming languages ​​that can help you achieve this goal:

C and C ++: the reference languages. Very effective, however, they are difficult to learn. Some game engines: SFML, Unreal Engine, CryEngine;
C #: strongly inspired by C ++ and Java, but also complex to learn. Some game engines: Unity, MonoGame;
Java: slightly easier to learn, but a little less efficient. Some game engines: LWJGL, Libgdx;
Python: very easy to learn, but less efficient. To be reserved instead for unambitious projects. Some game engines: Blender Game Engine, PyGame;
Lua: the most recent of all. Game engine: LÖVE (also called Love2D).

Which programming language should you learn to get started in artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has a (very) bright future ahead of it! The main programming languages ​​for AI are: Python: the reference language for artificial intelligence as well as machine learning; C ++: appreciated in particular for its speed of execution; Java: being one of the preferred languages ​​for developers and having the flexibility to do AI, it makes perfect sense to find Java in this list; Prolog: old programming language (created by the French), Prolog is centered on logic and the resolution of logic problems. Two other languages ​​are also coming back: R (more oriented towards statistical calculations), LISP (one of the oldest languages).

What programming language should you learn to try your hand at connected objects?

the IoT (Internet of Things) or more commonly "connected objects", is gaining more and more importance in our daily lives, and this is only the beginning! If you want to become a freelance IoT developer, you can go, unsurprisingly, to C and Java, but also to Python and Swift (via HomeKit). More surprisingly, we also find php website development and JavaScript (Node.js) in the list, taking advantage of being back-end technicians to slip into this area.

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